Monday, August 02, 2010


Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm not much of a daytime TV watcher. My wife, on the
other hand, has the tube on all morning while she plays on the computer.

Normally, while I have my usual late breakfast, a program called "CSI Miami" is
blaring in the background. I usually don't pay much attention to it because I think
it sucks. The acting is terrible and the female cops are all too attractive - not that that's a bad thing - but check out your typical female law enforcement personnel sometime. No comparison. And, if they have boobs at all, they're covered up, not like the bimbos on CSI who walk around with them hanging out - again, not that it's a bad thing.

A few days ago my least favorite character on that program, Horatio, was rolling "Code 3" down a Miami boulevard in his Hummer. Full out lights and siren Just when I looked up at the TV screen, he was passed by a station wagon.

See what I mean?



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