Thursday, May 17, 2007

Current Events

A lot has been going on lately.

Paris is going to jail, Bo Diddley had a stroke, Jerry Falwell died, the Steelers have a new coach, a bunch of local teachers/youth caregivers have been arrested for molesting their young charges, child molesters are infiltrating MySpace.

As far as Paris Hilton is concerned, I hope they put her in a cell with a 300-pound crack whore from south-central LA. Show her what life is really like.

I’m sorry Bo had a stroke, but I was never really a fan of his music. I would have been more upset had it been Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana.

Falwell’s Moral Majority just pissed me off. A bunch of ultra-conservative bible thumpers trying to regulate the country’s morality while they’re out humping their secretaries.

Another “rebuilding” year for my football team. At least they have 5 Super Bowl rings.

How can you prevent horny teacher from taking advantage of teenagers with raging hormones? It’s still the teachers’ fault, but most of these young boys are probably very willing participants. I still remember my 8th grade English teacher and the nasty thoughts I had about her.

Child molesters should be a very easy problem to eliminate. Either castrate them or hang them. It wouldn’t take many executions or disfigurements to send the rest a strong message.