Tuesday, September 28, 2010

USPS = Junk

I understand that our postal service is going bankrupt...it hasn’t made money or even broken even in years, and it’s just getting worse. What with email, UPS and FedEx who needs the USPS?

Junk mailers...that’s who. We can delete our spam without opening it, but we have to at least look at all the damned junk mail that hits our mailboxes.

What set me off this time?

I made two trips to the top of our driveway today to get the mail - on the first trip it hadn’t been delivered yet. When I finally got up there again, I understood why the mailman was running late.

The contents of my mailbox – in its entirety – was:

A Medicare supplement brochure
A discount book catalog
A political ad
The strategic planning report for a local retirement community
A bogo ad for a local eatery
And two thick mega ad folders containing everything from haircut ads to pizza ads plus rent-to-own flyers and WalMart brochures.

No wonder the USPS can’t make money. These guys mail all this crap for next to nothing, while the cost of 1st class postage continues to increase several times a year. I hate to give away how really old I am, but when I was in high school a 1st class stamp was .03 cents and a post card mailed for a penny.

Why, if we an have a “no-call” list fort telephone solicitors, can’t we have a “no-mail” list for all the 3rd class postal deliveries that waste trees and pollute the landfills?



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