Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phil and Tina

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity at all knows that my dog’s name is Tina ~ Tina Turner. She was given that moniker by my wife (who is a huge Tina Turner fan) because we had seen the original Tina T. in concert not long before we got the dog.

That and the fact that both Tina’s have about the same color hair.

Regular readers also know that I walk, or drag, our Tina twice a day – every day.

On Christmas afternoon we were taking our second drag of the day down Hemlock Street. One of our neighbors was hosting a family gathering and several people who I didn’t recognize had come outside to have a smoke.

“Oh, what a pretty puppy,” a young woman said. What’s her name?”

“Tina,” I replied. “Tina Turner.”

The young woman’s jaw dropped almost down to the asphalt.

Pointing at her male companion she said, “Oh my God! His dog is named Phil Collins!”

I think we need to get them together for a duet.




Doom said...

That is really funny!

obiwan said...

Thank you.......