Friday, March 07, 2008

Camp WHAT?

As most of you regular readers probably know, I live in western North Carolina just south of Asheville. If you’re not familiar with the area you can think what you will, but Asheville - and Buncombe County in which it lies - for the most part, is a relatively progressive area.

Southeast of Buncombe County is Rutherford County, which makes Asheville look like New York City or San Francisco by comparison. Rutherford is mainly rural.

Our local TV station – WLOS – ran a story last night concerning a new campground tentatively planned for Rutherford County. No biggie – right? WRONG!

The camp will be operated by an openly lesbian couple and will be “gay friendly.” The people of Rutherford County are flabbergasted! “Gays – in our county?”

But I’ve not yet related the biggest part of the story. The topper of all toppers is the camp’s proposed name.


You sure?
Are you really, really sure?


Here it is –

The camp will be named………………………………..

Camp Lickalotta

Honest to God! One woman interviewed last night said, “My son’s only 12 and even he knows what that means. That’s all their talkin’ about at his school.

For those of you who think I'm fulla shit - here's the link to Channel 13 news -

My job is merely to inform.

My work here is done.



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