Saturday, December 30, 2006

W's Belated Christmas Present

Saddam is dead. He was executed at dawn, Iraqi time, this morning. Is the world a better
place because of it? Probably. He was a dictator, a murderer and an all-around asshole.

Are we safer, as a nation, because of it? Probably not. It’s never been proven that he posed any threat to the United States. Bush’s story about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction was no more than an excuse to go after the man who had attempted to kill his father while George the First was in office.

The real threat to this country, and the world in general, is still Osama bin Laden. Have we killed him yet? No. Have we caught him yet? No. Do we even know where he is? No.

Oh – wait a minute – we do know where he is. He’s in the mountains of Afghanistan! We’ve got him pinned down somewhere within 251,772 square miles of sand and rocks and caves.

Afghanistan is just slightly smaller than the state of Texas. Let’s turn George loose in his home state and see if 17,900 National Guardsmen can find him if he doesn’t want to be found.

We began the hunt for bin Laden shortly after 9/11/2001 – five fucking years ago. As of today we’ve killed or captured some of his top aides and advisors, but have not laid eyes on our real target. The only time we’ve seen the man is when he sends a video tape of himself screaming, “Death to all western infidels.”

You can tell from the video images that he is scared shitless – just shakin’ in his sandals.

Why the hell don’t we let the Iraqi people sort out their own civil war, pull the majority of our 133,000 troops out of their country and go after the real threat to our nation? Bush has succeeded in his plan for Afghanistan. He got rid of Saddam.



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