Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rain, Rain

It’s raining today, the first time in what seems like months. Just a nice, steady drizzle that all the house-plants on the deck will enjoy.

When I was driving for a living, I hated rain almost as much as I disliked snow. If I saw snow on the road I knew, along with most other drivers, that stopping would be more difficult. It’s not quite the same with rain.

Most non-professional drivers think, “Shit – it’s just water. No problem.” They’re wrong. Water on the road can be as dangerous as snow or ice.

Coming into Knoxville, Tennessee from the west on I-40 one rainy Saturday around noon, this theory was proven. Five cars, all sporting orange UT banners, had attempted to occupy the same piece of the Interstate at the same time. There’s some law of physics that says that can’t be done, and these drivers found out it’s true.

Two vehicles ended up against the right-hand guard rail, two more landed in the median and the fifth had rolled and was on it’s side in the middle of the road. Vehicle “pieces-parts” littered the highway and stunned occupants were either sitting in the median or standing next to their wrecked rides.

No more than a mile down the Interstate, two more cars and two big trucks had suffered the same fate. Damage to the automobiles was extensive. The drivers and passengers looked shaken, but unhurt.

All because of a little rain, a little hydroplaning and the urge to beat everyone else to a college football game.

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Anonymous said...

Great so far!! You are now on my favorites! You are inspiring me to do the same. Not drive a truck, blog. Kiki