Monday, October 03, 2005

The Journey Begins

Hot damn - six months ago I didn't know what a blog was and now I are one.

I'm a first-time author, attempting to have my baby published. I have an agent, and the blog was his recommendation.

The first-person narrative follows my life for two years. It begins in January, 2002, when I attended a 17-day school for prospective truck drivers.

I began the project not as a future book, but simply as a diary of my adventures, writing things down so that I could relate them to my family and friends when I returned home. The deeper I got into it, the more I thought that much of the information contained in my notes might be of interest to others. When I showed the project to my wife, she agreed that there might be a book in there, somewhere.

Chapters relate my experiences on a month-to-month basis during training and later on the road as a professional driver.

Truckers are seen by the general public on a daily basis, but are a relatively unknown breed. Long hours, solitary meals and weeks away from home are the norm.

The people I met along the way are a large part of the story, as well as the places I visited, the sights I saw and the mistakes I made. And there were mistakes.

This monthly diary reveals my experiences both good and bad. It follows me back and forth across the country many times while I visited 47 states and racked up over 213,000 miles in 23 months.

It ends with a non-driving, non-work related freak accident that left me unable to work and on disability.

My agent likes it, I like it and hopefully you will to. With luck, it will be published soon.

I promise another entry soon.


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JamesD said...

For those who come across this Blog, I encourage you to leave an encouraging comment for my friend MotherTrucker.
I have been friends with MotherTrucker since 1997 and I can not wait to read his book.
I will be eagerly waiting to read the published product.
Best Of Luck, James D